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Some Places in Pawns in a Larger Game

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Thackwray site
The site of William Thackwray's wheelwright shop in Cross St Grahamstown. The current building was built in mid-nineteenth century, several years after his death in 1829.
See Chapter 8

Glan Avon
Glen Avon Homestead in the late nineteenth century before modernisation.
See Chapter 21.  
The Retreat
The Retreat, Glen Avon. Late nineteenth century.
See Chapter 21.
Glen Avon Mill
The Mill at Glen Avon, late nineteenth century. The mill still exists.
Mill wheelThe mill wheel located on the far side of the mill. It still exists today. Tentative identification of some individuals suggests that the young woman in the white blouse above the child with dog is Queenie Cumming and the man at centre left wearing a boater is Harry Cumming.
Cummings at the Retreat
John P Cumming, Queenie Cumming, and Sarah Cumming on the verandah at the Retreat.
See Chapter 21
Glenthorn church
The church built at Glenthorn by John Pringle.